The benefits of having a dog

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Sharing your life with a dog is a real opportunity. All owners can testify that our daily life is full of beautiful moments of sharing, and above all, of unconditional love… Welcoming a dog also has its disadvantages that must be taken into account before getting involved. Adopting a dog must be a thoughtful act and we must be worthy of his trust in order to offer him the best life possible. But often, there are many more advantages that make us take the plunge…

Taking the air

Dog owners tend to increase their exercise levels, reaching or exceeding the recommended daily exercise level without even realizing it. And your heart will be better for it. After a day of work, your dog will always be up for a walk. Rain or shine, he’ll encourage you to stay active, which is very beneficial, especially if you spend your days sitting at a desk. Even if you’re active at work, getting some fresh air is always beneficial. Thanks to it, you will soon notice that you are setting up a stable routine, with regular walks and an often healthier pace of life!

Practice a sport activity

You have never been able to find the perfect companion to accompany you during your running training sessions? Are you looking for a partner for outdoor activities? No need to convince your friends or your spouse, your dog will be happy to sweat with you! There are many sports activities to practice with your dog: canicross, mountain biking, agility, hiking, jogging. The possibilities are diverse and allow the development of a real complicity between a master and his dog.

Enjoying life’s little pleasures

The dog, with his joy of living, his communicative good mood and his innocence, sometimes teaches us to appreciate the small pleasures of everyday life. Taking a step back and being satisfied with small moments is often the key to happiness… Our little companions appreciate simple things like having attention, getting fresh air, spending time with their family. And they are right. It is these moments that cost nothing and are accessible to all that bring us the most. Dogs teach us to take the time to take the time…

Meet new people

Owners are the first to testify that having a dog develops a social side, by meeting new people on walks or during dog training courses for example. The subject of conversation is quite found and discussions are very often initiated naturally! The dog being himself very sociable and always willing to play with his fellow dogs, humans are almost involuntarily brought together. In the same logic, having a dog helps to develop self-confidence and to interact with others. Regardless of our differences, we all share a common passion: the love of dogs. Often, owners even create friendly relationships by regularly passing each other on walks and exchanging. Dogs even allow us to meet our neighbors who have also had a dog, to get together for organized walks or other activities.

Have a sense of responsibility

We know that adopting an animal is a responsible act. When it comes into our lives, our role is to take care of this living being, teach it hygiene, educate it. A dog requires time, effort and patience. In exchange, he makes us grow and teaches us qualities and values. If you have children, entrusting them with certain tasks to take care of their best friend also helps develop their sense of responsibility and makes them more independent. They can learn to take care of an animal and show respect and gentleness towards it.

Make us happy

Having a dog helps to fight depression, making us feel better. When we pet a dog, we release endorphins, which give us a feeling of well-being and reduce stress and anxiety. The unconditional and sincere love he gives us also makes us more positive. It keeps loneliness at bay, with its warm welcome upon waking or at the end of the day. For elderly people who may sometimes feel isolated, the presence of a little companion helps them fight against this isolation and prevents them from getting depressed. Walking and daily care encourage them to stay mobile and active to stay in shape longer. It is still recommended that you adopt a senior dog, so that its needs are adapted to the lifestyle of an elderly person. With their life experience, senior dogs often have a foundation of education, are calmer (unlike a puppy) and often have many more years to live by your side!

Be healthier

It is scientifically proven that having a dog boosts the immune system. Dogs expose us to certain germs and bacteria that, in low concentrations, help our immune system to be more active and ready to fight. This is why people who have a dog may tend to get sick less. Many studies show that children who have a dog at home also have far fewer allergies and asthma. In short, thanks to dogs, we are more resilient! They also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Simply petting them has a beneficial effect on heart rate and blood pressure. Walking and playing with your dog can reduce stress levels and help release tension. For those fortunate enough to be able to bring their dog to work, an increase in productivity has been noted. Getting fresh air at lunch and stretching your legs with your colleagues, especially when you work in a chair from morning to night, is very beneficial.

Doing a good deed

Your faithful companion can also be adopted in a shelter. The benefits will be multiplied by ten! The best adoption is for a dog that has been abandoned by its former owners and that has not had the chance to live happily with its family. Shelter animals are not systematically problematic, old or sick. Most of them simply didn’t have a chance. On the contrary, you will find puppies, pedigree dogs, young adults who often have a good education, cleanliness and are often very well balanced. You will surely find your future life companion in all associations and shelters.

After all these reasons, you will surely be convinced that adopting a dog has many advantages that largely outweigh the constraints… The dog has been man’s best friend for thousands of years and it is not for nothing!